Studio in the Casita

I made a few more changes to the face and introduced a new color, LUKAS, Phthaloblau.  I love having this face in my art studio along with my collection of interesting pieces.  I am trying to find my own style and have been taking classes from some really good artists.  If I work really hard, I can create some darn good art.  When I relax and just do something off the top of my head it tends to be quirky.  I like quirky, funny art that makes me laugh.  I have probably been influenced by my grandkids. 

A face of many colors.  She needs transformation.  What can I change, what should I keep.  Posted on Facebook and got some feedback.  What I thought looked like a zit on cheek looked like a boob to one friend.  Mostly positive feedback.  People are so kind.  I actually love the colors and her new teeth.  Blue nose is nice too.  I painted with my fingers using acrylic inks.  Finished with her for today.

‚ÄčThis is my first blog entry.  Today I painted a face on a canvas.  It was an old painting that I never finished.  It may still not be finished, but there is something new on the canvas, a face.