About me and other artists in this studio

My name is Margaret Wheeler and I am an artist.  I have been an artist for as long as I can remember.  I have also been an art therapist for over twenty years, but I am now retired.  Art Therapy is hard work and there is not enough time for doing personal art.  Much time is spent writing progress notes, attending staff meetings, taking continuing education courses that have nothing to do with art, and worrying about clients. I am freeing myself up to spend more time in my art studio doing what I love, interacting with other like minded people, and sharing the results of my studio work.

The other artists in this studio are my grandchildren.  Their art will also be on display.  They are very creative!  My husband is also very creative, but not in the studio.  He prefers other activities like golf, mediation and website managing.

Studio in the Casita

Online Learning

I have discovered the joy of online learning!  There are so many talented artists who teach and share their art online.  Although only having discovered social media in the past two or three years, I have learned about art journaling and mixed media from some really great teachers.  Most of the Journal pages above were completed from workshops by a variety of teachers in 21 Secrets, a Dirty Footprints Studio offering.  I only discovered art journaling a year ago and it is one of my favorite activities in the studio.  I also enjoyed doing #creativedeed365, various workshops with Tracy Verdugo, Lifebook, 2017, and Let's Face It, 2017.  So much talent online!

If you think adult coloring books are fun, try stretching yourself and create your own unique works of art.  There are plenty of classes available where you can develop your skills as an artist and share them online for some supportive feedback.  Enjoy!