Art Journaling is a great way to find inspiration in your everyday life.  It is also relaxing and a safe place to express your true feelings.  Your words can always be smeared or covered over with gesso once they are out, and it is cheaper than therapy!

Mixed Media Art

This is a place to experiment and play. In a non-judgmental atmosphere it is possible to find and express your own unique way of making art.  Children have no fear when expressing themselves with art unless they have been taught to judge the value of their work.  Often adults will say they are not creative.  This is not true as we are all creative in our own way.  Come and play! 

Be Creative!

Art Journals

Studio in the Casita

It is really hard to mess up with mixed media.  There is always a solution if you just stick with the process.  

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.